Retirement Talk

WHAT to do with the rest of your life?


Del Lowery "Retirement Talk is an audio podcast (written script a click away) intended to help people who are retired, or considering retirement, to examine their own lives. We will consider an active retirement life in all its facets - not just financial. A retirement life-style that has been considered  carefully is our goal. We want to encourage thought and action." Del Lowery - Host

431 What Now?

Some of us don't know what to do; when we retire and some before we retire. We seem to be at a loss for what might make us happier in our life. We find it eludes us after we seemingly find success. What to do?

430 Look Around


My wife focuses down and sees the details of life. But I have a hard time seeing the nose on my face. I'm a scanner. I guess we need both. Retirement is a good time to consider just what it is we want to see before it is to late.

429 Lists


Some of us like to work off of lists. They can help keep us on track whenever impulses try to influence our lives. We need something perhaps not in concrete but none-the-less pretty permanent to steer through turbulent times.

428 Keep Dreaming



Dreams keep us going. We have them when we are young. Sometime along the line they seem to fade away. We live day by day. Retirement is a time for resurrection. We need to make an effort to recreate the ability to dream.

427 Pick A Fight



Picking a fight can be a good thing. It depends on what your fighting for. Sometimes it is a good thing to stand up, be aggressive and bark. Saying something and doing something sometimes requires aggression.


Road Trip USA Series Many retired folks dream of taking an extended road trip across America. Follow us as we plan our trips and actually ride the road. There are two trips taken and described:

A. Western, Southern and Southeastern Edge of America

B. American West and

C. West Coast and East of the Sierra & Cascade Mountains

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