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Del Lowery
"Retirement Talk is an audio podcast (written script a click away) intended to help people who are retired, or considering retirement, to examine their own lives. We will consider an active retirement life in all its facets - not just financial. A retirement life-style that has been considered  carefully is our goal. We want to encourage thought and action." Del Lowery - Host


529 Regret Regrets accumulate as we move through life. We have all uttered the words , "If I could just do that over". Retirement brings time to either deal with the regrets in a positive fashion or get buried by them. Time to give it a little thought.

528 Limits


We know that we have limits in life. Sometimes we don't know what those limits are and when they may no longer be valid. Retirement life brings some new limits into our life. Being aware of these limits removes frustration and allows us to move smoothly through the remainder of our life.

527 Finding Meaning(Part 2)


In retirement we are as free as we have ever been to become the person we have always dreamed of being. We can examine the life we have led and the life we would like to create. We may bring this unique opportunity into our conscious mind and act upon it. (Part 2)

526 Finding Meaning


Parents give meaning to our lives as children; then teachers and then bosses. Family and work responsibilities shape much of our interests and time. Then comes retirement and many of us find ourselves in a unique position. We can finally choose our own meaning. For some, it is not so easy. (Part 1)

525 Watch Your Step



We all get a bit careless at times. When we move into retirement it is time we need to consider this carefully when it comes to falling. We might be okay to fall in love again but just plain falling requires our utmost attention. We need to take it up a level.

524 Lifelong Learning via a Bus


I swore I would never get on a bus with a bunch of older people. Then I did. Here is the story. It is also a story about Lifelong Learning as presented through a university. Something I thought I would never do either. Then I did.

523 Never Too Old To Change


We can always change. Retirement brings us the opportunity to realize that in a big way. We just have to want it. We must rid ourselves of the old adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." That is just not true.


Road Trip USA Series Many retired folks dream of taking an extended road trip across America. Follow us as we plan our trips and actually ride the road. There are two trips taken and described:

A. Western, Southern and Southeastern Edge of America

B. American West

C. West Coast and East of the Sierra & Cascade Mountains

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