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WHAT to do with the rest of your life?


Podcast 2017

532 Would've, Could've, Should've


We don't want to look back on our lives with the classic, "Would've, Could've, Should've" thought taking up residence in our minds. And we certainly don't want to go into retirement and create even more.

531 Stuck


Sometimes we just find ourselves stuck one way or the other. We just can't get on with our life. Retirement can become that way without some effort and thought. We need to engage the mind before we become stuck.

530 Reading for Pleasure


Reading allows the mind to wander uninhibited. It allows us expand our view of everything in the universe. Retirement allows us the good fortune to maximize this pleasure. We need to be aware of it to appreciate it.

529 Regret


Regrets accumulate as we move through life. We have all uttered the words , "If I could just do that over". Retirement brings time to either deal with the regrets in a positive fashion or get buried by them. Time to give it a little thought.

528 Limits


We know that we have limits in life. Sometimes we don't know what those limits are and when they may no longer be valid. Retirement life brings some new limits into our life. Being aware of these limits removes frustration and allows us to move smoothly through the remainder of our life.

527 Finding Meaning(Part 2)


In retirement we are as free as we have ever been to become the person we have always dreamed of being. We can examine the life we have led and the life we would like to create. We may bring this unique opportunity into our conscious mind and act upon it. (Part 2)

526 Finding Meaning


Parents give meaning to our lives as children; then teachers and then bosses. Family and work responsibilities shape much of our interests and time. Then comes retirement and many of us find ourselves in a unique position. We can finally choose our own meaning. For some, it is not so easy. (Part 1)

525 Watch Your Step


We all get a bit careless at times. When we move into retirement it is time we need to consider this carefully when it comes to falling. We might be okay to fall in love again but just plain falling requires our utmost attention. We need to take it up a level.

524 Lifelong Learning via a Bus


I swore I would never get on a bus with a bunch of older people. Then I did. Here is the story. It is also a story about Lifelong Learning as presented through a university. Something I thought I would never do either. Then I did.

523 Never Too Old To Change


We can always change. Retirement brings us the opportunity to realize that in a big way. We just have to want it. We must rid ourselves of the old adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." That is just not true.

522 How Little It Takes


Retirement offers us a chance to consider life more closely than when we are busy with work. One thing most of us find that it takes a little less to make us happy. We can jettison lots of ideas and stuff. Happiness doesn't come from just having more.

521 Looking Ahead


Entering retirement is like entering a new land. We can play it safe and stay where everyone else does. Or, we can use our imagination and venture out into the areas we have never explored. The choice is ours.

520 Road Trip



Taking a road trip seems to be high on the list of most of us whether we are retired or not. Here is a short podcast of the methods and habits that have proven valuable to us on several such ventures. A good road trip involves more than just driving down the road. It takes some thought.

519 Winners & Losers

Text 519

One thing about getting older: we have all experienced winning and loosing at one thing or another. That is a good thing because we are not done. We learn to roll with the punch, get better prepared for the next sequence and know that the wheel will turn.

518 Meditation


Retirement is a perfect time to venture into some experiences for which we never had time. Meditation seems to be all the rage right now. Of course it has been around for centuries. I never thought it was for me but a recent exploration has proven most worthwhile. We, my wife and I, sleep better.

517 Ashes to Ashes


Death becomes a very personal issue for each of us - especially when we enter the retirement zone. We sometime find that we must make arrangement for cremation, burial or natural burials. It is something that requires consideration.

516 Let It Go


Age has a way with each of us. We have our day. Then we need to let go gracefully. Not easy but important. Retirement is a time for letting go. We can then move on: one way or another.

515 Rugged Individualism & Politics


Rugged individualism is embedded into our culture. We want the individual to succeed. We also want our government to succeed. Our government demands that we cooperate with each other. The word "We" becomes most important.

514 Golden


Sometimes we meet people who make their mark in our mind. Golden was one such for me. He lived life with vigor. We might all do as well.

513 Milestones


Milestones indicate where we are in life and where we might go. They are important to consider in retirement. We may have to make them on our own. To do so requires some gumption.

512 Grit


We all know how important it is to see a job through to the end. By the time we retire we should have learned the importance of perseverance and a passion for what we are doing. Challenges in retirement call for the same qualities. We need to stay with it. It calls for grit.

511 Five Years Left


We don't know how much time we have left to live. Or how much time we have left where we can physically and mentally do almost anything we want. Age is continuously taking steps. How does this influence our daily choices?

510 Reconnecting


Catching up with old friends, co-workers, or old students is a most enjoyable experience. For me, it has been well worth the time and effort. Retirement offers time to slow down just a bit and reach far and wide.

509 Having Value


A sense of having value in life is a basic need. We all want to be accepted as contributing to the general well being. Retirement provides a real test as to just how mature we have become. Our mind must be in shape.

508 Politics and Persistence


When it comes to politics, we are all involved one way or the other. Right up until our dying day politics has a way of reaching out and being part of our lives. Some of us get involved with an idea to effect change and others of us just tolerate the relationship. We have to choose.

507 Neighbors


What kind of people live next door? We can live next to them for years and never know. Why is that? Sometimes we need to just reach out and extend a welcoming hand even if we have lived next to each other for years. We might be pleasantly surprised.

506 The Story


What do we remember? What can we pass along to our children, grandchildren and others? One thing about it: if we can't couch it in a story we might as well keep it to ourselves. Seems like the story is what it is all about.


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