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Podcast 2018

569 What Now (part 2)


This episode is a continuation of 568. Here are a couple of examples of pursuing the Spinozian concept of happiness. They are not intended to be The ones to pursue. They are just examples. You must choose your own.

568 What Now


Retirement can seem like a dream for many of us. Then the day comes and the following Monday we feel lost. Now what? That feeling can not only happen but it can drag on. Where we thought we would find happiness does not appear. Why not?

567 What Do I Want


When the opportunity to retire first comes to our minds we are most likely to assume we could not live without income from our job. It is then that we have to take a hard look at our life and decide what we really want out of it. More money or more time. It is a choice only we can make. We are the experts on this one.

566 When Should I Retire? (revisited)


Since writing this podcast over 11 years ago I wanted to revisit it and see if my thoughts have evolved. It still stands but did need a little more consideration. (And the music is different) It never hurts to reconsider.



Isolation is one of retirements major threats. We loose contact with our work friends. Sometimes we move and lose our neighbors we have known for years. No one wants to live a life of complete isolation. That's where ROMEO comes into play.

564 Upkeep


Upkeep seems to be one of life's necessities. If it isn't our health it is our car or our house or our family and friends. The line from "Death of a Salesman" pops into my head, "Attention must be paid."

563 Thinking Ahead


Steve is planning on retiring in two years. He wrote me a letter about his career and his thinking concerning retirement. He is giving it serious thought at age 82. He will retire at 84. Here is some of his thinking. It is worth consideration.

562 Snowbird (2)


There is a good reason why so many retired people go south in the winter. It feels so good - so very, very good. Clear skies and warm sun for days, weeks or months have a way of relaxing and making life seem so comfortable. We might not want to wait to long to check it out.

561 Snowbird


I never imagined that I would ever be a Snowbird - but here I am. Cold, wet, dark winters drove my wife to request a reprieve from the Pacific Northwest winter. A road trip was planned and now we are in 70 degree weather. Here is our story thus far.

560 Ninety & Retired


My friend just celebrated his ninety second birthday. How does one get to that point? Did he do something special? Does he and others like him have a secret that allows for such longevity?
559 Letter A letter arrived recently from an active listener and and active retiree. Here is reading of her letter. She seems to have thought carefully about retirement and many of the listeners may find some of her ways of living a retired life to be invigorating.

558 Staying Fit


It is always good to know what we are talking about and what someone else is talking about. We can often misinterpret what is being said. "Staying fit" caught me up short one day. Thinking about it made me feel much better about growing older and retirement.


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