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223 "How Am I Doing, Doc?"


Retirement and heart attacks sometimes seem to go together. We just retire and then... Guest, Dennis McKinnon describes his experience of exuberant retirement, heart attack and road to recovery in this episode.
007 - A Sense of Place
Developing a sense of place when moving to a new location can be a real challenge. Roy Ingham has moved twice since reaching age 65 and has made two such successful moves.

033 - A Career for Life; "The Silver Tsunami" (Interview with Paul Miller)
A life goal for some of us is to retire and change our life. Many older workers are choosing to continue work and never quit or change direction. Here is an example.

035 - Owning and RV - What's It Like?
How much does owning an RV cost? What is so good about it? What are major problems? What is life like in an RV? (Interview with Jean and Jerry Parks)

046 - Life as a Sandwich Board: Political Activism
Retirement can give us time to do whatever we choose. Roy Ingham is 82 and is an inspiration to anyone who may choose to live a life as a true political activist.

047 - Killing the Wicked Witch of Time
How does our concept of time change when we retire? Does it change? Roy Ingham talks of the way time has changed for him since retirement.

142: Retired and Traveling by Train
Train travel is becoming a more appealing method of transportation. Roy Ingham shares some of his thoughts gained via riding Amtrak on many extensive trips over the last decade or so. From one corner of the country to another, he has ridden the rails.

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