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2008 Podcasts

031: "A Ripe Old Age"

What does it mean to live to a ripe old age? Young Gene died at age 11 and a recent news story talked of a man 110 years old taking a new wife - age 30. What does all this mean concerning 'a ripe old age'?

032: The Con


'The Con' is something we have to be concerned with all of  our life. Here are a couple of examples that may remind us of the importance of not allowing ourselves to be taken to the cleaners.

034: Grandfathers, Granddaughters, and History

Grandfathers should never argue with granddaughters. But on the value of history a wide gap is developing between generations. Seniors need to find ways to communicate our wisdom to the generations that follow.

037: Retirement and Home Exchange

Retirement brings lots of new opportunities. The Home Exchange network is one. You agree to trade the use of your residence for that of someone else's. The trade is cash free.

038: History - Learning from Other's Experience
Sometimes it is better to let others make the mistakes; listen to their stories and then move forward. Boomers and seniors have a lot to share with younger generations that might be very rewarding.

039: Retirement and Moving to be Close to Children


Retirement is often accompanied by an impulse to be close to our children. The children, and/or the parents, find themselves considering the means to reunite the family. What's to be said for moving or staying put when it comes to reuniting the family?

040: Health, Thai Chi, and the Lost Wallet
Health and the practice of Tai Chi keep being touted in the press. Seeing the flowing beauty of actual Tai Chi can be memorable. Perhaps more memorable that loosing one's wallet.

041: Retirement, News, and Weather



Why do some of us devote so much of our time to being informed about news and weather? Is this good use of our retirement time? Why do we do this? What am I doing with the rest of my life?

043: Retirement, Alarm Clocks, and News



Alarm clocks can be bashed when one retires. Life can be lived without alarms. One might also consider the onslaught of alarming news as well. Perhaps it is time to temper or tame it.

044: Retirement and Priorities


Many of us always claim that we want to get something done but just never get it done. Could it be that we just need to establish priorities? We need to shut things out of our lives and make room for what we really do desire.

045: Planning my Funeral
A recent funeral I attended drew my attention to the need, or opportunity, to plan my own funeral. It is more of a case of what you might not want than what you want to have included.
048: Escaping Big Worries? Major worries seem to follow us all the days of our lives: war, pestilence, and famine. Is retirement a time when one might be allowed a few moments of escaping this human condition?

049: "Love Trips"
Love Trips refer to those trips we retired folks take to see our grandchildren, children, or parents. We usually fly. Is that method of transportation destined to end in light of global warming or climate change? This threat is very much a possibility.

051: Retirement and Technology
This age of technology isn't easy for some of us. It requires that we learn something new constantly. Of course, learning can be fun and the world in which we live can be very exciting. Best to keep up than die early.

052: Retirement and Freedom


'Freedom' is a word that is often used in conjunction with retirement. For some, this freedom is appreciated and liberating. Other retirees seem to be drowned in it. They can't move. What makes for these apparently different results?

053: Death, Escape, Retirement


Enjoying retirement is a result of many factors, the most important being that death has not snatched us away earlier. If we escape it long enough, we may enjoy retirement and a good story.

054: Social Isolation in Retirement
Social isolation is a major problem in retirement. We can loose all emotional contact with people. Our dignity and sense of self worth can force us to retreat. What to do?

055: Is the World Better Off?
Is the world a better place now than when we retired folks were young? I found myself surprised by my thoughts.

056: Retirement and Dogs



Retirement may be a great time for having a dog. It can bring companionship and serves as a reason for getting some exercise. On the other hand, it may be the worst time to have a dog.

057: Gun Control - Kenya Style
Reaching retirement age has its benefits. Life experiences shape our thinking. Political promises can appear transparent. Gun Control is a perfect example.

058: Casinos



Casinos have sprouted up like flowers or weeds, - blooming all along the roads. They can be dangerous places, especially for retired folks.

060: Retired and no Time to Shave
Retirement can be a time of hesitation, retreat, and drift. Or it can be a very busy time of doing exactly what you want. The key is to know what you want.

062: Dredging up Old Memories and Reevaluation
Experiences in life can take on new form when evaluated later in life. We may have learned to be a bit more compassionate, even to ourselves.

063: Getting Around


Transportation can be a serious problem as we move into retirement years. Getting to the store, post office, restaurant, etc. can be challenging. How do we cope with getting around as we age?

065 This Old House


A friend once said, "There are two kinds of people ravelers and weavers. The raveling goes on without any help. I wonder if I can weave fast enough to keep this old house in one piece.
066: Holidays
Holidays can be trying times for the retired. We are supposed to enjoy them. Best that we not get caught without a plan. A retirement plan needs to include a section on holiday choices.

067: The New Year and a Life List
New Year's Resolutions are intended to help guide us through the year. A life list can do that on a much more grand scale. Retirement is a great milestone when a new list might be in order.

068: Politics, Truth, and Common Sense
Important political issues are like elephants running through our living room. They are massive, numerous and completely ignored. Truth and common sense have taken on these elephant-like characteristics.

069: Habits
Habits can take control of our lives. We all have them. The trick is to develop good ones rather than bad ones. Aristotle gave us some good advice on this one.

070: Generational Criticism
Each generation seems to have its complaints concerning the generation following. Understanding this common condition may help us better manage our own views of human behavior.

071: Relating to Grandchildren
Communicating across generations is a challenge. We must all invent our own methods. Computer kids pose unique challenges. We need a plan. This retirement podcast tries to bridge the gap.

073: Alaska - Go Now!
Traveling to Alaska is one activity that seems to be on many a retired folks list. The lure of the North and Arctic is well founded. And the time to go will never be better than the present moment. The journey is easier than you might think.  Retirement is the time to actualize that long held dream. It fits with a Baby Boomer lifestyle.

075: Upkeep
It is easy to let things slide. The paint on the house ages. The drapes fade and sag. The belt gets tighter around the waist. Upkeep is need for the house, furniture, body and the mind.  Neglect upkeep and the slide into old age becomes all too evident to everyone.  Of course, some go beyond just keeping up to actually improving.  Life gets better!

076: Learning to Relax
Retirement gives us time to examine ourselves better than ever before in our lives.  Living with tension in our body can be something that has developed over a lifetime. We may not be aware of what has become "natural".  Learning to relax may still be within our grasp.

077: Friends

We all have moments when we think we don't have enough friends. Where can we get some new friends? That is a question that is often asked. Maybe if we look back we will find direction to developing new friends. This retirement podcast offers a few suggestions.

079: Technology - Keeping Up
Technological changes keep coming at us. Some retired folks give up. Does a senior lifestyle include ever changing? Should we become exhausted chasing something that never stops or kick back and let the world roll on without us? Do any of these "technological gadgets" really help us older folks? Or are they all for kids?

080: Aging - and Music

From birth to death, music is a part of life. The love of one type of music seems to be ever changing. Is there yet another door into the world of music? Perhaps retirement offers us another, yet unexpected, opportunity to expand our appreciation.

081: Birds

Retirement and birds: how do they fit together? When four birds were killed by flying into my windows glass during breakfast, it got me thinking. Retirement may be a great time to speak up on behalf of birds. However, this retirement podcast is not just for the birds.
083 Does Retirement Call for a Dermatologist

Physical beauty is of paramount importance most of our lives. With age comes retirement and hopefully wisdom. We learn that there are more important attributes to beauty that the physical. This may be one of retirement's greatest benefits.

084 Being Prepared for Death

Death happens to each of us.  Lying silently, tied to a container of drugs, in a nursing home for days or weeks waiting for death to finally end our pain is one way. There are many ways to die. Thinking and talking about this process is something that is in short supply.

086 Food, Weight and Retirement

Retired people like to eat. We have time and tastes that make good eating possible. The problem: eating too much good food . It is easy to, "do lunch". It is easy to linger over a good meal. It is easy to gain weight and ruin our health.

087 Staying Fit in Retirement
Staying fit is needed throughout life. Enjoyment of retirement calls for special attention to this need. Luckily, we have a head start on all other segments of society. We've had more practice.

088 Senior Memoirs Writing Group

Retired people and seniors have experiences and knowledge that needs to be shared. We all need to be heard and we all need to listen. Dick Smith shares with us his current experience in a memoirs writing group for seniors.

089 Slow Down and Pick Up the Pace
Having a retirement of our own choosing is what most of us desire. We want time in our life to do whatever we choose. Other people and events have a way of under mining this dream of independence.  We need all of our resources to live the retirement we have always imagined.

091 Aging and Frustration
Frustration seems to be part of life. Retirement and being a Senior Citizen doesn't make one immune to sleepless nights and worry over trivial matters.  Hopefully, with all of our life experiences, we can manage it a bit better.

092 Suicide - A Final Decision
Suicide is a topic that is rarely discussed and yet remains a very real possibility. This retirement podcast is not taking an advocacy position but is just relating the story of four people I know who have chosen this path. It springs from retirement talk with some friends.

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