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Podcast 2023

822 Habits


“We don’t have good habits because we are good,” Aristotle said. “We are good because we have good habits.” That line sticks in my mind from somewhere in the past.

821 Getting Around


When it comes to retirement and getting around, the best answer seems to be choosing where you live carefully. If you can walk and find everything you might need or want the problem of getting around can disappear – along with your car.

820 Retired and No Time to Shave


How long does it take to shave? Five minutes – maybe ten. Not longer. This morning while walking to a health club my wife noted that I had not shaved for a few days. “I haven’t had time to shave," I responded.

819 Gambling


Here I am, retired, no child in our society. Casinos and gambling are very much part of our culture; yet I find them beyond understanding. For many of the retired gambling is part of their life. Why?

818 Gun Control?


All the murders, yet no one advocates for gun control in this country, at least not gun control as I came to understand it on that African plain many years ago. Here is my story of what constitutes real gun control.

817 Dogs


There is something about unconditional love – it isn't easy to find. But that is what a dog gives to a person. It can be a great boon to retirement.

816 Is the World

Better Off?


Eternal quote: “The older generation really messed up this world. When we get older, when we get some younger people elected to office, we will straighten things out. We will leave this a much better world than we found.”

815 Taking a Break


I especially want to encourage anyone fairly new to this podcast to go back through the archives to the very earliest episodes to find thoughts on considering retirement that were in my mind shortly after I retired. Enjoy.

814 Being Alone


According to a recently published book on retirement loneliness is a major problem. When our work life ends many of us have a hard time adjusting to a role where we are not required to socialize with others. We retreat.

813 Death, Escape, Retirement

We are always on the road to dying. It can come quickly and quite unexpectedly. We may have escaped death once, twice, or perhaps several times. If we are lucky Retirement becomes a possibility. 







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