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Episode 829 Life Maintenance Program



Podcast downloaded successfully. Thanks. I enjoy the podcast and it makes me ponder the deeper aspects of aging and retirement.

The podcast regarding Dermatologist, Youth and Aging brings to mind another tangent, what I call my “Life Maintenance Program (LMP)”.

To me there are three parts to this Life Maintenance Program.

Physical Health

I am 70 years old and I understand that, as I get older my body requires more monitoring and investigation to ensure I keep in the best possible health.

My regime is as follows:.

Six monthly dental check-ups.

Six monthly doctor check-ups.

Yearly blood testing.

Yearly Dermatologist checks.

Vaccinations – COVID (free), influenza, pneumonia (free paid by government if you are over 70) and shingles (free paid by government if you are over 70).

Bone Density Test (free paid by government if you are over 70).

Walking / exercise

Eating good food and not too much rubbish.

No smoking and limited alcohol.

There are a number of important factors to the regime:

I am fortunate that I can pay for the required medical procedures. I also have private health insurance.

The government here in Australia support the over 70’s for some of the procedures.

You have to be proactive with your health as it is very easy to slip into a mode of “it will be alright” or “I will do it another day”.

Mental Health

Mental health to me at this stage of life is about:

Understanding that you are getting on in years but acknowledging you can do things, learn skills (some complex, some not so complex), travel (I see things differently now that I have a lifetime of experience behind me), food (enjoy that coffee, enjoy that lunch or dinner it doesn’t have to be in a four star restaurant).

Taking a walk along a path, smelling the trees, flowers or the sea.

If you have a spouse or partner do activities with them, spend quality time with them i.e. not just sitting there and watching tv.

Be open to new opportunities as a means of widening your horizon.

Soul Health

This about:

Giving back to the community with volunteering etc.

Being kind to people.

Talk to others and listen to their stories.

Not being judgemental of people when you don’t know or understand their circumstances.

Being at peace with yourself, don’t listen to the internal voices.

Be thankful with what you have and don’t yearn for the shiny things in life that appear worthwhile but disappear in a puff of smoke.


To me each of those three parts are as important as each other. Without each one I think I would be doomed to fail.


Apologies for the rambling email, I just wanted to share my philosophy.










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