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Podcast 2016

505 Failure


We all fail at one time or another. It doesn't ever seem very pleasant. But we usually get more from it than we think. Sometimes it can result in resounding success. Failure is not something we must avoid at all costs.

504 Bliss


What are you doing when you lose all sense of time? For some retirement is a time of indecision. We don't know what to do. What will bring us the most happiness?

503 Biking


Biking has become an integral part of my retirement life. Lots of people do it. Why is that? What does it add? Could it become part of my life? Should it?

502 Why Retire?


Ever wonder how people can think that way? Why don't they all think like me? Thoughts like these are misleading if not always far from the mark. It holds true for reasons of retire and most other things in life.

501 You Can Fix It


Things go wrong. Sometimes we get so discouraged we just walk away. Other times some of us just stay with it. Right to the bitter end. Or until that which is wrong gets righted. Most of the time we can fix it.

500 Happy Anniversary


We can never predict where retirement might take us any more than we could have predicted our life after leaving high school or college. The world changes around us and we had better "sit loose in the saddle".

499 A Retired State of Mind


Is there such a thing as a "retired state of mind"? Do we see life a bit different than other segments of the population? Is there something about retirement that tends to tie us together as a group? Experience tells me there is.

498 The Good Old Days


When problems arise it is always easy to lean back and yearn for the "good ol' days". It initiates an almost auto-acceptance as truth. Retired people have experiences which may reveal a different truth.

497 I Forgot


Sometimes we find ourselves living out a self-fulfilling prophecy. We hear about "Senior Moments" and think ours are on the increase. Perhaps we are only forgetting that forgetting is a way of life.

496 Caregiver


Retirement is often accompanied by assuming the role of caregiver. Life calls us to care for someone who needs attention. We had best be prepared physically and psychologically for this demanding and yet gratifying role.

495 Ownership of Your Own Life


It is easy to follow the group. It is not easy to do exactly as you want. It is not easy to create your own way in life. We learn to go along with the group as a child. Retirement gives us a chance to become our own person.

494 Look Around


Sometimes we need a reminder to open our eyes. We need to be reminded to look at what is right in front of us. Some of us see everything around us and others only what is directly in our path. We need to be conscious of our world if we want to enjoy it.

493 Shifting Gears

Text 493

Retirement brings forward many opportunities. One of the big possibilities is that we change the way we have been living for the way we have always wanted to live. We have choices. We may wish to continue in our friendly and familiar path or we may wish to turn and walk another road

492 Feet


Our body takes a little more care as we move into the retirement years. We have to pay attention just a bit more. Moving our health care into the front of our mind pays - "If we take care of our feet our feet will take care of us," someone said.

491 The Sky Is Falling


Retired people have one big advantage over those who are younger. We have lived longer, seen more, and have a wealth of experiences. We have been warned that these were the worst of all times often. What can we make of that?

490 Dream A Little

Text 490

Sometimes we just don't know what to do. We have time, energy and all we need is direction. Time seems to have deleted our ability to dream or imagine. We might gain by kicking back on a regular basis and letting our mind wander as we did as child. Dream big.

489 Help


We could all use a little help throughout our lives. A special request from a listener prompted this topic. You can lend a hand here. It will help someone else and it will probably help you as well. A good thing to do whether you are retired or not.

488 Movies


Ever get the feeling that you may have skipped a few experiences in your younger life? One may be movies or the world of video. Now we have time to indulge that desire and fill up that hole. It just takes making a decision and then following through. Sometimes it is so easy and yet so satisfying.

487 Poke It


Retirement offers us time to step up and out and into a new world. We can disturb the comfort zone of others and ourselves. We can engage in activity where we always have felt limited.

486 Home Projects


Retirement brings us time to do things we never did, or never did well enough or long enough, when work interfered. Now we can explore. Working with our hands or minds during a lifetime of work can now be reversed if we choose.

485 Money?


Ever go looking in book stores for something on retirement? Find anything other than material on retirement and money? Me either. Is it possible that there are things that matter to the retired other than money? I think so.

484 The Coffee Shop


Good habits are not easily established. But once in place they serve us well. When my work life would not allow it going to a coffee shop on a regular basis is something of which I dreamed. Retirement afforded me the opportunity to fulfill that dream and I leaped.

483 1000 Months

Text 483

What we are doing with our life comes into very clear focus when we retire. We no longer have school or a job dictating to us. We can choose. It does require that we make a conscious effort with our mind as to what we do with our limited time. And that limited time is getting shorter all the while.

482 Kindness, Gentleness and Compassion


Retirement brings with it time to consider what we really think is important in life. It gives us time to focus on what we believe has been our strengths and weaknesses. Now we can choose to be the person we have always wanted to be.

481 Small Is Beautiful


"Small Is Beautiful" is one of my favorite books. I read it perhaps 40 years ago and it left a lasting mark. Retirement gives us more time to consider what really matters in life. Some of our views of life can be summed up in seemingly simple terms.

480 Talking Across Generations


We pick up lots of experiences and stories as we age. Retirement gives us time to pass some of this information on to our grandchildren and those of younger generations. We might want to spend some time and effort in this pursuit. Perhaps in the form of letters or in the form of personal conversation.

479 10 Thousand Hours


The Ten Thousand Hour Rule has become popularized through a book by Malcolm Gladwell. The idea is that if you spend enough time practicing your desired goal you will arrive. Perhaps there is a bit more to it than time spent.

478 Technology, Keeping Up


Technology comes at us whether we like it or not. We can ignore it or we can take a ride. What are the consequences?

477 Tai Chi


We have all heard that practicing Tai Chi is good for us. I have practiced it for over the past 20 years. Here is my story.

476 What Am I Doing Here


The thought of our own death can be disturbing if not paralyzing. It might be best to give this one a little deeper thought. What may be seen as disturbing can also be seen as our biggest blessing.

475 Watermelon Burgers


What's it like to be a vegetarian? Why does someone decide to not eat meat? Doesn't it take all the joy out of eating? Isn't their diet very boring? When we retire may be the perfect time to try it. Here is my story.

474 Let's Not Go Backward


We like to think that the longer we live the more we learn. We encourage education in our own children. We tell them stories hoping they learn something from them. We like to think the scientific method and rational thought can lead us out of the wilderness. Sometimes it appears we are going no where, or even backward.

473 Taking a Risk


We all know what taking a risk means. We also know the reward that may accompany it. We are excited. We feel the thrill of living on the edge. Stepping out on to new turf or emerging ourselves in something a bit challenging can offer big rewards.

472 Murder Trial


Retirement gives us time to indulge in new experiences. One of our most interesting adventures came not from getting on airplane or driving away in an RV. We simple went down to the court room and witnessed a real murder trial. It was different from that we read of in the news, in books, or view on TV.

471 Questions and Answers


There is a big difference in questions. Some are big or important and some are small or relatively insignificant. One thing they have in common: they seem to never end. It would sure be nice if we could satisfy ourselves for once and all. Then we might find some peace.

470 Don't Waffle?


It isn't good to be accused of waffling. We like people who make decisions and stick with them; especially politicians. But should we? What is to be said for changing our mind? Maybe that is a sign we have learned something. We older folks might want to keep that in mind.

469 Whose Problem Is It?


We all have problems. Sometimes we slip into a giant hole by assuming problems that are not really ours. We think we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. At times we may need to wake up or step aside so we have a chance at enjoying the day.

468 Energy, Personal Energy


We all run out of gas: not with our car but with our own body. We get tired. When we retire and age we sometimes feel like this more often than we use to. Is there a way around this drain of energy? It is something to think about.

467 Poetry Helps


Poetry sometimes cuts right through the chatter. We can learn things from poets. We might want to give poetry and poets a little more time now that we are retired - and have the time.

466 "What's Up Doc?"


This podcast first aired in 209. It is one of my favorites.

Retirement and heart attacks sometimes go together. We just retire and then... Guest, Dennis McKinnon describes his experience of exuberant retirement, heart attack and road to recovery in this episode. The importance of taking care of your health is illustrated beautifully.

465 Stay Healthy Part 2


We know that without good health life itself disappears. That tells us how important it is when we consider what we are doing with our life on a daily basis. It is always best to put put health in first position.  

464 Stay Healthy


Staying healthy is not easy. It is also not foremost in our minds most of the time. We get lost in other "important" things. Retirement brings the importance of our health more into focus. We are getting older and our bodies are surely changing.

463 The Lost Art of Conversation


Conversation consists of talking and listening. Many is the time my wife and I have walked away from talking with people and commented that "They didn't find out one thing about us." Listening is a skill that comes up short. What to do?

462 Imagination


Imagining what you would like to do in retirement is something we have all done before we retire. Trouble is we have little practice in doing this on our own. We usually have parents, teachers, bosses or children helping to determine our choices. We need to resurrect this long lost art of imagining in retirement.

461 Something New


Life can become boring when we are working or when we are retired. How can we add excitement, novelty and change into our lives. These are important aspects that demand attention. They don't happen on their own.

460 Tom's Letter


Here is an example of planning for retirement and having it all come to fruition. The dream of living on a boat, writing, painting and enjoying nature all come true for some.

459 Doing Nothing Without Guilt


Doing nothing during retirement is a choice we might make. Some folks call it just being lazy and feel guilty. Others call it living at the moment and call it perfect.

458 Winter Road Trip


Road trips are one of my favorite things to do. Winter road trips are totally different from those that are taken in other seasons. Here is a story of our first winter adventure going down the road.


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