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Achieving Happiness in Old Age?

Jackie Spinks takes a humerous viewing of being an older member of our society in this new book. We are publishing this in serial form in both audio and written text.


Swedish Mormons Come to America

This is Jackie's humorous memoir of growing up during the depression in the Pacific Northwest. Both audio and text are published.

Podcasts on topics of interest to Jackie:

014: It's Not That Bad Growing Older

Jackie Spinks has lived over three quarters of a century. She concludes that life is not so bad as one grows older. Her gems of wisdom collected sparkle with humor.

020: Worry and Getting Older There are things we worry about when we are young and then there are things we worry about when we get older. Some are the same, but many are different. Jackie Spinks talks about worry and the role it has played in her life and her families.

022: Telling the Truth - A Luxury of Growing Older Dealing with death and the promise of eternal happiness can effect our decisions in life. This story of a swami and enlightenment can shed light on this question.

028: Sex and the Elderly A frank statement of sex and the elderly is shared with us by a 79 year old woman. Be prepared for honesty and openness concerning this lifetime concern.

030: Loneliness and Senior Citizens Loneliness is an issue for all people. Senior Citizens face a peculiar type of loneliness that may call for learning new behaviors. Jackie Spinks shares her outlook on the issue in this episode.

050: Retirement and Not Looking So Hot Retirement is usually associated with growing older - and inevitable changes in our physical appearance. Our culture seems to worship youth. What are we retirees to do? Jackie Spinks shares some thoughts with us.

064: Would You Like To Be Young Again I think old is better. Jackie Spinks has drawn some conclusions concerning various phases of life. She speaks from years of experience.

072: Age 80 and Looking Ahead Jackie Spinks takes a shot at 2030. She paints with a broad brush. She is familiar with making mistakes and seems only sure that more will be made.

078: The Good Ol' Days - Dentistry? Jackie Spinks look back with clear vision at part of what makes up our past.  Time in the dentist's chair was all part of the "good old days". Let's be honest.

082: Looking Back - 60 years Jackie Spinks is my guest. Her recent conversation has focused on the 1940s and her memories of why she formed opinions she held at that time.

090: The Cleanest Wash - Housekeeping Excellence Retirement gives us time to find the beauty in former daily routine. In this senior memoir, Jackie Spinks takes a moment to reflect on a time when life was hard and people were close. The Monday morning wash set the tone for neighbors, families, and towns.

101: Abortion, Absolutism, and Aging Jackie Spinks looks back over eighty years of personal experience related to the issue of abortion and how our values are formed. One thing about getting older; it gives us perspective. We retired folks might want to share it.

128: Retirement, Poetry, and the Immigrant JJackie Spinks tries her hand at poetry in this podcasts. Her father - the immigrant - and the depression come together to give us a unique picture of the depression and the present economic predicament.

134: The Boxer - My Father Jackie Spinks relates a story about her family history. It seems her Grandmother was not fond of her daughter marrying a boxer. But a boxer with brown eyes and a car...hard to stay away from.

143: Desirability of Dumb? Humorous writer Jackie Spinks had a conversation the other day that triggered some thoughts about the word "Dumb". Seems like that is in vogue these days. Heaven knows, we wouldn't want to be accused of being smart.

145: Contemplating Religion Jackie Spinks takes a look at religion in this podcast. A lifetime of experiences has shaped her thoughts and beliefs. One thing about it: religious or not, we spend a lot of time trying to sort out our thoughts concerning this subject.

154: Amounting to Something Retirement brings many changes to our lives. The goal of "amounting to something," is one we have lived with for a long time. Jackie Spinks believes that absence of this may be the great equalizer between men and women. She finds these the happiest days of her life.





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