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Episode 144 Retirement Talk and Technology

Technology comes again, and again, and again.

My annual summer trip to the computer store took place this past week. My son came to visit and a new computer was soon placed in my hands: a birthday present.

This is Retirement Talk. I’m Del Lowery.

Is there any end to the technology that comes our way? I’m sure there is an end to it if one chooses. The choice of being a Luddite  is always a possibility. That choice doesn’t appeal to me at all.

This podcast has turned into a retirement project that is now starting it’s forth year. The web traffic that it generates has tended upward ever since it began. The need for technological expertise and tools has also tended upward. It seems like there is always a need or urge to change something.

Three years of podcasts and four different computers used in its production. The main reason for the change of computers is the desire to be able to move around with my writing. The desk top gave way to a laptop which gave way to a more portable laptop and now that laptop has given way to the Netbook. I really can’t believe the convenience and weight of the Netbook. I can carry it around and not even know it is there. The key board is comfortable. And the technology gives me as much or more than the original desk top or the laptop.

The audio sound is recorded using the same program that I have used throughout. The microphones are the same – Equitek – I got them through E-bay. The microphone stands are the same. I am very satisfied with the sound captured.  I did purchase a handheld digital recorder for using on the road or in the field. I used it in producing perhaps three programs over the years. It works well, but I seem to rarely need the instant availability

Nvu, the program used to create the web site, is the third one used. It seems like each program eventually gives way to a program that is “easier” or more appealing to use. I have been advised to go on to another program and have resisted. They are a challenge to learn and my interest is not so much in mastering computer programs as it is in creating a presentable web site.

Suggestions continue to roll in on changing the website so it will be more appealing or user friendly. That is one aspect of producing the program that is forever. I have been willing to change the site continuously, but it does require time to implement. It seems like I get into a mode to make changes and like to let it sit for several months. It is fun to learn how to create a new web look, but it is not my first love.

One of the most pleasant surprises has been the interest in writing and reading of podcasts by others. I have perhaps six different people who have created and recorded; two of them on a regular basis. It’s fun to see what topics come up for consideration. It really fulfills the notion of “retirement talk” for these are all topics of which retired people are talking. It may seem to our listeners that we sometimes wander far afield but the topics of conversation of retired people indeed wander across the gamete of human interests. My co-contributors tell me that the topic of ‘sex’ is the number one topic at their memories group at the senior center. One might suspect that of a podcast concerning teenagers, but evidently that is one topic on which no group has a corner.

Retirement is a special time in life. We have choices. We have time and if we are lucky we have the economic wherewithal to life the life of our own design.  Of course many realities are beyond our control and thus limit our choices. But, after taking those into considerations it is only our imagination that limits our field. My choice to create this podcast has now served me well for three full years and as of this moment continues.

This is Retirement Talk.



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